So a friend at …

So a friend at the theatre informed me of this site and said I must get one for when the little one is born. So here it is! If you feel like checking in on baby Jackson and getting to see updates when he arrives, feel free to follow my blog. I am currently 33 weeks + 4 days along… though they say I may be further along by the looks of things. We are expecting him to make his entrance somewhere between beg-mid April. I will post tons of pics, of course and other milestones. Hopefully this will make it easier for our families and friends who are not in town, to watch him grow with us. 🙂


About littlejackhammer

We are a happily married couple living right outside Nashville, TN. Shortly after getting married, we found out that we are expecting our first, a beautiful baby boy, on April 29, 2012. :) We have been through so many amazing/scary/terrible/and life-changing things together, that we are more then ready to start this journey of our lives as first time parents. God is the center of our lives and our marriage. Through Him anything is possible...
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