As most people know, I’ve been having real contractions since 29 weeks but they were very irregular and felt like period cramps. They thought I could go into pre-term labor. Since then, I got steroid shots to mature J’s lungs faster in case he does come early. Now they’re not wayy too concerned since he made it to 34 weeks. But I woke up this morning with much more painful cramps, which I’d say are contractions. They are definitely not comfortable. I am trying to stay working and going to the gym for as long as possible, but I definitely am gonna need to cut back on both of those. Starting to get a little nervous about labor and the hospital. I just want to fast forward and get to that point!


About littlejackhammer

We are a happily married couple living right outside Nashville, TN. Shortly after getting married, we found out that we are expecting our first, a beautiful baby boy, on April 29, 2012. :) We have been through so many amazing/scary/terrible/and life-changing things together, that we are more then ready to start this journey of our lives as first time parents. God is the center of our lives and our marriage. Through Him anything is possible...
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2 Responses to Contractions

  1. RahRah says:

    I think it’s time- you need to pack your bag. You are further along than I was when I was admitted.
    Remember to take flip flops ( your feet will swell crazy style) your own soap, towels for your shower & pillows. These things were nice to have of my own in the hospital. Oh and take something to read. You will want something to flip through when the only thing on the tv is Jerry Springer. Keep us posted. We are excited for you.

    • Thank you! I’ve been reading what to pack from all the pregnancy apps on my phone, but they never give suggestions on how to entertain yourself. We were gonna start packing the hospital bag at 35 weeks, but I think we may want to do it early. How many weeks along were you when you had Adeline?

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