35 week check up

Woohoo! At 29 weeks I didn’t think I’d see week 35. Yesterday was my check up for the week. Very little change in my cervix, so I may just actually make it to full term. I’m still having crazy cramping and contractions, but it looks like those will probably just last til I deliver. I had the Group B Strep Test done and I will get those results at next week’s appointment. I am VERY excited for the 36 week check up because they will be doing another 4D ultrasound to find out Jackson’s growth and estimate what he will be at birth. SO excited and curious. At 24 weeks, he was 1.9 lbs. which was in the 52 percentile. So he was perfect then. I hope that he has continued to grow at that pace and will be a healthy, thriving little baby. Please pray that everything continues to move along smoothly and that Jackson stays healthy. I’m still just as paranoid as I was in the first trimester. Now it’s just about different complications. Oy. I guess this is the start of motherhood and the next 18+ years of my life. 🙂


About littlejackhammer

We are a happily married couple living right outside Nashville, TN. Shortly after getting married, we found out that we are expecting our first, a beautiful baby boy, on April 29, 2012. :) We have been through so many amazing/scary/terrible/and life-changing things together, that we are more then ready to start this journey of our lives as first time parents. God is the center of our lives and our marriage. Through Him anything is possible...
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