The first day of life..

I now realize, nothing could EVER be more beautiful and more fulfilling then creating a life. I’m so in love I don’t even know what to do with myself. Here’s some pictures of the first 24 hrs of little Jackson Levi’s life.. 🙂 …











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My April Fools Baby!

After 24 hrs of labor… 22 hrs of pitocin contractions and no medication (and having only a choice between and epidural and c-section because dilation stopped. In which I chose the epidural, of course) Jackson Levi William Hammer made his entrance into the world weighing 5 lbs., 14 oz and measuring 19 inches long! He is SO beautiful. You never know how much you can really love a person, until you have a child. He is my greatest gift and I will thank God every day for him. Our first night has been scary, checking on him every 30 mins bc we are both so paranoid. But, so far, he seems healthy and is learning to latch and breast feed. :).




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Well, I am at the hospital and in active labor! Looks like I am gonna be a mom in the next 24 hrs! Now will he be a March 31st baby? Or an April fools baby?!

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And my water just broke but barely any contractions yet. I didn’t make my 37 week goal, but at least I hit 36?

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Early labor pains?

Ugh! I’ve been cramping the past couple days. And I’ve had to work both of my jobs the last couple weeks as well, which requires being on my feet and active 100% of the time. Though, I’m not complaining because sitting down actually hurts my back and my stomach really bad. But all of it has basically hit me today and I do not want to move. I’ve had so much energy lately and now I’m just exhausted. I also started spotting a little yesterday. Luckily, I only have the childcare job tonight and I’m working with the infants 🙂 . I’m thinking I’m going to need to stop working in the near future but I’m really trying to hold off until I go into labor (hopefully soon!). I hadn’t been swelling at all before this week. Oy. I’m so sore. Alright, really, I’m done complaining now. It is more then worth it at the end of the day.



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35 week check up

Woohoo! At 29 weeks I didn’t think I’d see week 35. Yesterday was my check up for the week. Very little change in my cervix, so I may just actually make it to full term. I’m still having crazy cramping and contractions, but it looks like those will probably just last til I deliver. I had the Group B Strep Test done and I will get those results at next week’s appointment. I am VERY excited for the 36 week check up because they will be doing another 4D ultrasound to find out Jackson’s growth and estimate what he will be at birth. SO excited and curious. At 24 weeks, he was 1.9 lbs. which was in the 52 percentile. So he was perfect then. I hope that he has continued to grow at that pace and will be a healthy, thriving little baby. Please pray that everything continues to move along smoothly and that Jackson stays healthy. I’m still just as paranoid as I was in the first trimester. Now it’s just about different complications. Oy. I guess this is the start of motherhood and the next 18+ years of my life. 🙂

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As most people know, I’ve been having real contractions since 29 weeks but they were very irregular and felt like period cramps. They thought I could go into pre-term labor. Since then, I got steroid shots to mature J’s lungs faster in case he does come early. Now they’re not wayy too concerned since he made it to 34 weeks. But I woke up this morning with much more painful cramps, which I’d say are contractions. They are definitely not comfortable. I am trying to stay working and going to the gym for as long as possible, but I definitely am gonna need to cut back on both of those. Starting to get a little nervous about labor and the hospital. I just want to fast forward and get to that point!

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